vineri, 10 iunie 2011

One month of a new life

Yeah , it is a month since i'm in here in my new city , city of Wroclaw . The first change you will observe it's that i am not writing in Romanian anymore and i will start to use more and more english and french. Maybe at the beginning it will be like some franglish ;) .

My first conclusion after a month ? Hmmm.It is hard but i can say for sure , i didn't make a mistake leaving Romania for Poland. It's not like England but they have a few steps ahead us and the biggest difference is they want to evoluate not like romanians .
The next thing is about my friends from Romania , I miss you guys really especially my friends from dancing classes.
I  have also almost 3 weeks since i am working for IBM but actually i only really worked for one week because on the first two weeks i didn't do anything because of some unfortunate events. On my first week it was a delay with the laptop transport and on my second week i didn't received my "toy" because someone has forgot to send some papers somewhere. But the good part is i was payed for these two weeks.
But enough with working part because i'm sure you want to hear about the city , the life in here . I'm telling you this city if you wanna make a comparison is somehow like Cluj + Sibiu . They have a city center very nice and full of restaurants and pubs and many monuments . A real turistic attraction for the foreigners. Also it is the most important university center in Poland and very well known outside the country so imagine or i will tell you. Here are a lot of girls , OMG ( oh my god ) so many girls in here and fuck me but they are so beautiful .
The first thing you observe in here at all people not only girls , i will comeback later to them , is the colour of the eyes. I am not exaggerate but 90% of polish people have blue eyes . So my first impact in here it was , fuck here i am not so special with my gorgeous eyes. But wait a minute ... because my blue eyes are still fucking awesome . Back to girls... i will tell you why they are gorgeous . I love also romanian chicks but the truth is polish girls have the fucking incredible legs and many of them complete the whole image with a nice ass ... so imagine me on this heaven :D . The next thing i've discover and i take full advantage of is that i am a foreigner in this country , and guess what , again i am special ,so after i have nice eyes let's not say again gorgeus because i'm becoming repetitive we add the foreigner ingredient and yeah i will say it ... i am irresistible. My luck is that you know me and you know that i am cocky and i am telling a lot of stuff about me , i'm bragging  a lot .

Uff , i've wrote already a lot and i have many things to say to you , but now i have my laptop so i can write more often. I will tell you next time about someone special in here for me but i have to obtain first the agreement of this person because it is not nice to write without this agreement . Maybe you can guess some things about this person . 

Some of you already know some things .

But enough for tonight ... next time it will be french time ... i am sure i will need some help but this person will help me because between special things is the french quality. 

See you soon !!  ( from Wroclaw , unrivaled Adrian ) .

PS. Ca c'est pour elle :) 

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